Bitcoin bybit chart analysis May 18

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It's a Bitcoinguide.

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If my analysis is helpful,

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Bitcoin 30 minute chart.

It is a one-way long position strategy.
Continue to walk sideways, and when the direction comes out, you have to keep going.
No need to hesitate.

9:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m. Nasdaq index announcement
Please note.

*In arrow movement path

long position strategy

1. $27359.5 entry into long position / stop loss when breaking the green support line

No. 1 at the top $ 27948.5 1st target -> 2nd target in the top section

I think it would be good to see it as a sideways movement to the right until the green support line section.

What is the direction of the Nasdaq?
Movement is coming out of the coupling.

Keep an eye on Nasdaq movements in real time

If the strategy is successful, all altcoins from today will be back
It can become a sea of fire.

Please note that my analysis is only for reference and use.

I hope you operate safely with principle trading / stop loss essential.

thank you
Trade closed: stop reached:
it's a BitcoinGuide.

This is the movement after writing the NASDAQ analysis article.
The major sections were marked with a black finger.

After entering the arrow path 13607.2 long,
indicated at the top

Good -> Top -> You are breaking through by touching the section.
After a while, there was a strong uptrend.

This is the movement after writing the Bitcoin analysis article.
The major sections were marked with a black finger.

First arrow movement path after entering $27359.5 long
Green Support Break / Stop Loss

Our members are doing well, so don't worry
For those of you who still don't understand my analysis
I think you are, I will explain.

common part,
Basically, there is no dialogue.
Interestingly, they only talk about what they want to see and hear.

I'm writing an analysis before the movement comes out.

You can use it in real time.
For those of you who have been holding shorts since yesterday
break through the orange resistance line
Long holders only need to see if it breaks the green support line.

Because it progresses one way on the 30-minute chart
It's not easy to match 100%
I always ask for reference and use only.

If you want 100%, go to a shaman's house or prayer center
Please also unfollow me.

Whether it's poop or soybean paste, whether I should be thankful or resentful
Look at people with no concept who can't distinguish
It's not like I'm writing an analysis post every day.

When I saw it live yesterday
Nasdaq rebounds strongly
The signs of Bitcoin are strange,
In the end, I went to fill the gap shown at the bottom.

last uptrend
4-hour chart without touching the resistance line
It filled an almost impossible position at once.

I've told you several times, but still
Nasdaq < Gap priority seems to be right.

With this, you only have to worry about Gap1 at the top, right?

I'll focus on the upper side.

I'll see you later when I'm done.

thank you

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