The year-long road to $100000 Bitcoin has begun

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Dec 2012 - $13 (First halving year)

Dec 2013 - $1000 (Four-figure breach)

Dec 2016 - $800 (Second halving year)

Dec 2017 - $20000 (Five-figure breach)

Dec 2020 - $19000? (Third halving year)

Dec 2021 - Six-figure breach

In late-2016, early 2017, we retraced 61.8% (fib) before building back up throughout 2017 to $10000 for the first time and beyond. You can expect a similar retrace this time as a secondary bear trend grips the market over the next month or two. Scarcity is a factor of time. In Bitcoin's case, it takes c. 18 months for the new reality of 50% of the natural sell side evaporating to fully impact the market. Of course, there are other factors but they all play into this framework, like clockwork. Tick tock!
Trade active: The price was $18000 when this was shared

We're more than halfway to the target and holding strong

Expect the peak for this cycle to be around $160000