BTCUSD Bybit Chart Analysis January 14

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I will begin BTCUSD Bybit Bitcoin Chart Analysis for January 14.

After yesterday's final

This is the maximum profit segment that was forced.

arrow on the path

* $43595 long entry section / up to $835 profit section
*From the break of the sky blue support line to $42834 / up to $941 profit section

In a movement like yesterday

Are there any users who have made a profit from long->short switching?

If you have, please let me know in the comments.

I hope to be friendly.

This is a move after the final finish on January 13th.

Details are provided in the comments at the bottom of the analysis.

According to the blue finger movement path
It was a long switching strategy from the bottom.

The marked sky blue -> purple support line is broken

It broke the green support line while moving sideways along the final orange support line.
The strategy was a failure.

Yesterday was a very rough sideway move.

It wasn't a place for a whip saw.

If it touched the 12-hour chart resistance line,
Where an uptrend can be connected as it is

12 hours without touching the resistance line, creating a downward wave.

(If you look at the 12-hour candle, it is at the center line before the resistance line is touched.
It is moving sideways, and I knew it would be difficult to break through at once because the center line was on a downtrend, but yesterday's problem was that it was a short-term decline.)

In the thinly maintained, 30 minutes + 1 hour + 4 hour chart, ichimoku Red cloude thin And made a whipso
I explained to you to be careful when the red cloude is thin.
The decline in such a short period of time as yesterday is a little outrageous.

It was a really sad move that stopped shorting and plummeted.

To explain the main sections,

yesterday's movement,

Daily chart MACD Golden Cross engraving -> Unengraving ->
Re-engraving is in progress as new candles are created in the morning.

If you do not leave your current position

Ball van , 6 hours resistance line touch VS 2 hour support line touch

It is an ascending advantage.

Yesterday, even though a significant variable came out in a short period of time,
The support line at the bottom is also firm,
4 hour chart MACD dead cross engraving

When the danger signal has passed
Daily chart MACD goal is in progress

I think it would be good to see it as a scene where a typhoon passed.

I'll check it out again

4 hour chart

Today's approximate Top and Bottom prices are displayed.

around the purple support line

Red up / light blue down movement path check

I made today's trading strategy.

I was thinking like this today while analyzing.

Doing daily analysis in a field of this level of difficulty...

It is also a one-way strategy.

It's ridiculous and I wonder if I'm really doing well.

From my experience, the more difficult the chapter, the simpler I go.

The more complicated you think
In the end, maybe fell for my trick.

When there are difficult days personally
I tend to try to solve the problem in the simplest and easiest way.

Yesterday there was a strong decline in a short period of time, but
In the end, it was a sideways trade, because it could not resist any trend.
I will proceed as described above.

This is a 30-minute chart one-way strategy.

I'm working on it without any comments.
In case of a downtrend,
I even checked the blue finger movement path.

The pink resistance line is 1 and 2 in the order of the overshooting section.

The orange parallel line is for breaking through the highs.
It cannot serve as a support line, so it is better to look at the bottom when breaking out.

* When the red arrow moves

long position strategy

Personally, I think it will go right without any adjustment.

I'm trying to focus on long positions.

Each entry position, in the waiting section
I just want you to take note

1) $42845 long position entry section / Stop loss price when the purple support line is broken

2) $43669 long position target and tracking stop loss section

After that, I think it will be about short -> long autonomous trading.

In the spot exchange, if the movement of the arrow moves

Simultaneous operation of major altcoins seems advantageous

Please, take my analysis for reference only.

Don't forget to buy in principle / stop loss is essential

I hope you operate safely.

thank you

Trade closed: target reached: Hello

We will check the movement after writing the analysis on January 14th.

It's a move after the final finish.

I marked the main sections with black fingers.

The content and point of view explained in the live broadcast were the same.

Without breaking the previous low near the orange support line.
It supported me well, but after progressing, I finally touched the bottom.
Fortunately, it succeeded in a strong rebound without breaking the red support line.

explained in real time
Before entry After entry Long and short in each position
I think you did a good job.

Personally, I was in the position I entered the day before.
Stop loss after breaking away from the previous low purple support line rested comfortably.

From the light blue finger movement path
up to the red arrow resistance line

$41689.5 Long position entry section / Counting up to $43174.5

The maximum profit was $1511.5.

after the weekend

Sky blue resistance line / red support line
It was finished after pole crossover within a small convergence section.

More details will be discussed in today's analysis.

thank you.

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