Bitcoin Still Aiming at $64,000 and $80,000+ (Altcoins Update)

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Bitcoin ( BTCUSD ) has shown massive resilience while it continues trading above MA200.

Ethereum ( ETHUSD ) took the lead and Bitcoin followed.

The weekly timeframe chart is also looking pretty good and we are likely to close above $50,000 (strong bullish ) signal later on today.

The weekly candle is yet to close and candle closure is needed for confirmation.

Everything points higher.

We keep our $64,000 target first, previous ATH followed by $84,000+.

Altcoins Market Update

All the altcoins are growing extremely big and strong as we predicted.

Those that are yet to move, wait patiently and their turn will come.

It is wiser to wait for your coin/pair to move rather than chase the moving ones.

You can earn more money while waiting/holding with the right plan rather than trying to pick the one that will move next.

This is not financial advice.

Thanks a lot for reading.


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