Bitcoin Monthly $300k | TD Sequential (8+9 = 1 = Higher High)

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Do we have two additional bullish /green months/candles coming for Bitcoin?

Yes... According to this pattern.

Notice how in the past, each time the TD Sequential hit a positive eight (8) a positive (9) always followed, and then a one (1) that hit a higher high before any form of retrace.

At the present time, we have a positive eight (8) in November... If the same pattern repeats, we will have a positive nine (9) in December followed by a one (1) that hits a higher high... This pattern has never failed before.

The beautiful thing here is that a retrace took place only after Bitcoin hit its All-Time High... A relatively small correction compared to the massive bull-run .

We can potentially see Bitcoin continue green and even with the strongest correction its price would still remain very strong and soon enough resume the growth.

As we've seen and know, whenever Bitcoin does its halving prices grow green for many months...

Even though most of us are new to this market and only experienced a very strong bearish market after the last Bitcoin bull run, we can be witnessing only the beginning of something never seen before.

When looking at the smaller timeframes, weekly, daily, and as low as 4H, we can see incredible strength with Bitcoin staying above support and never wanting to retrace.

Remember what we always use to say...

Bitcoin is new-age money that tends to always amaze.

If the majority is looking for a TOP at 20K, 30K, or even 40K+... Maybe Bitcoin will surprise us all again and hit 300K or more...

This would take time of course but we have to consider the bigger picture... The main mistake I've made in the past when charting Bitcoin and the smaller alternative coins, is being too conservative with the targets, it always tends to go higher, just as the altcoins went lower than what most people thought.

What's your take?

Can Bitcoin reach $40,000 in the next 3 months?

Is it possible for you, in your mind, to see Bitcoin hit $300,000 by the end of the year 2022...

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Comment: Notice that this pattern repeats all the way back to 2013...

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