BTCUSD Bybit Chart Analysis November 17

BYBIT:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar

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I will begin BTCUSD Bybit Bitcoin Chart Analysis for November 17.

This is the move after the final finish on November 16th.

for a major rebound
As the trend emerges, the wave decreases
I didn't get the movement I wanted.

From the section marked with $58880, it is the maximum profit section of $2555.

The tone is getting thinner ichimoku blue cloude as sideways
And , red parallel line is approaching resistance.

The direction seems to be coming out before and after the breakthrough.

I will look into the details thoroughly.

4 hour chart

Today's approximate top price and bottom price are displayed.

Fortunately, some support line was created while moving sideways yesterday.

Within the red resistance/green support line convergence

There seems to be a direction

Created today's trading strategy.

30 minute chart one-way neutral strategy

Even if you think carefully about it, it is a major support line, but under the judgment that it will not be broken easily.

I made a strategy

Anyway, it's a movement that looks like it's going to be a long sidewalk.
Still, I squeezed it.

Looking at the recent pattern, just in case, there is a light blue finger at the bottom.
I signed up for accident insurance . haha

I think today's green support line will be a lifeline for those who operate spot exchanges and long positions.

as you can see

* When the red arrow moves

1) 60784.5 short position entry section / Stop loss when the red resistance line is broken

2) $59173.5 long position switching section / Stop loss when the green support line is broken

62130.5 is the final target.

As you can see from the recent movements,
If you are not the one who took a seat at the bottom
Short-term trading seems to be advantageous

As you can see, if the trading strategy is successful, it seems like it will become a job alt operation section.

Can you see the orange resistance line of the latest trend?

There are frequent falling movements while making a detour, as if breaking through.

Please pay attention to the sky blue finger section at the bottom of the vertical drop.

My analysis is a delusion, so please do not follow it and give it your reference.

Don't forget to buy in principle / stop loss is essential

Thanks for reading

Trade closed: target reached:

$1686.5 Profit.

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