BTCUSD Bybit Chart Analysis November 16

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I will begin BTCUSD Bybit Bitcoin Chart Analysis for November 16.

This is the movement after the analysis post on November 15th.

More details are in the comments.

Yesterday talked about risk factors.
Until the first purple support line, we left a total of four stop-loss sections.

After that, exactly in the section of the $60799.5 gap shown at the bottom
It's rebounding after touch
Believe it or not, TradingView cannot be manipulated or modified.

4 hour chart

Today's approximate Top/Bottom price is displayed.

The current rebound section is in an uptrend
This is a pretty solid signal in the medium to long term.

BB 12 hour support + daily center line Touch

In case of further departure, the bottom section is the major rebound section.
As you can see, within the red resistance / dark blue support line.
The direction seems to be determined.

I made today's trading strategy

It's a very reckless strategy today.

It is a one-way long position strategy.

If there is no force, there is a very high possibility that it will be finished with an extreme horizontal guarantee or an extreme right upward direction.

I decided to ignore the sideway move,

It's a strategy against nonsense.

Under normal circumstances, it will be difficult to break through the red resistance level today.
Still, it reached a strong support line in the uptrend.
(Including gap section) Because yesterday I strongly pulled it down to the right.
On the other hand, it's not entirely impossible pattern-wise in a big trend.

In terms of probability, I would expect only about 3% chance of success.

To be successful, you need to have a pattern, a wave, and a trading volume .
All conditions must be met

For beginners, I would recommend taking a break from trading, or single-alt trading.

* When the red arrow moves

Short -> Long Switching Strategy

Basically, you have to keep hitting the upper right side without adjusting from the current position.

1) $63435.5 short position entry section / Stop loss when the red resistance line is broken

2) $61911 long position switching section / Stop loss when the purple support line is broken

There is a high probability that the power will be lost from this position.

In the current wave phase, the rebound section is the place where power is applied.

If you raise it straight up to the right
I think it will be possible to successfully rebound up to around $65,604.

From the purple finger zone,
I hope you can make the most of your profit by correcting the stop-loss price by using the 5-minute trend change.

If the power is lost again, it is within the red resistance line / deep blue support line convergence section.
Expected end of sideways

Today, all strategies are a failure if the breakout of the Jinparang support line.

If the current position fails to break through the green resistance line,
If you choose the bottom rather than the top

Please pay attention to the bottom section / major support line at the bottom

My analysis is for personal reference only.

I want you to operate safely with your own standards and principles.

thank you

Trade active:
Trade active:
Trade closed: target reached:

$ 2555 Profit.

Thank you.

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