Perfect Levels capture !!

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar

How to find the market momentum with these levels:

If the candle closed crossing the level, next candle moving in same direction can be considered as that side momentum is going on.

Ex: 44600 level marked, candles moving from up side to down side, crossed the level and closed below the level, next candle opened and moving towards next lower level it can be considered as bearish momentum and then high chances, it will touch the next lower level, supporting Volumes !!
Same applies for bullish momentum, candles moving from down to upside and crossing the line and closed the candle above the line and next candle moving towards up, then it can be considered as bullish momentum and high chances next target will the next high marked level.
Remember, Candles are interrelated, careful about fake breakouts, unless candle confirmations are not there, its not safe to enter !!!


TD Sequential shows that easily enough, don’t you think?
marketorder09 impermanence404
@impermanence404, no, pls share the link to find.