Bitcoin/USD is still bearish or right time to buy ?

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Hi everyone

lets discuss BTC /USD scenerio, as you can see in chart we have complete (1),(2) and (3) wave in INTERMEDIATE DEGREE, Currently in (4) wave.
In (4) wave we have complete two legs which point A and Point B wave, If you are familiar with neowave , it consist of atleast 3 corrective wave.
From around this area we are looking for point C which can go easily upto 52000 level. Also there are chances that there can be more corrective legs like D and E.

After this corrective price action we will be looking for an (5) wave in intermediate degree.

This intermediate degree waves started at 66000 , see that trading idea also so that you can see how far we can hit the target with wavees structures.

Manish Singh

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