Bitcoin Secures $50,000... What Happens Next?

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Every single day we are reading/having more and more news show up with mayor players across all industries opening up to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency or preparing to do so.
They all plan to be ready this year (Q4 2021).

This phenomenon literally spreads across all industries, from Art to Food, to Finance, Real State, Leisure and more.

But something that has a more immediate effect is the news coming from our now great friend PayPal opening up its crypto services to UK users.

This can have an immediate effect on the price of Bitcoin and we can easily see it go up, this is strong news.

PayPals opens crypto for UK customers starting tomorrow (Monday) and we are already seeing a positive effect.

Not only Paypal, but even my Dad is now looking into Bitcoin when in the past he wouldn't look at it because he was afraid... Things can rapidly change.

Just as everything can suddenly go bad...
It can also turn good within just a few days.

We are bullish on Crypto/ Bitcoin for the long-term.

What's your take?
Leave us a comment...

Comment: You are looking at the 4H timeframe for Bitcoin (BTCUSD) and we have the very famous bullish flag pattern:
We have really good news.
The sentiment is bullish.
The Altcoins are also growing and no bears so far.

People are expecting strong resistance at $50,000 which can lead to many shorts in the derivatives markets (lev.), these shorts can be the fuel that push Bitcoin higher as these positions are liquidated.

Even without the shorts the strong fundamentals and strong adoption we are seeing all around can be enough to push prices higher.

We have strong bullish signals but very little if any bearish signals.
This is something to keep in mind.
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