Bitcoin's Next Move?

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Bitcoin is right now at a crucial level. Likely to go in consolidation for the next few days. If it sustains 42k to 44k zone (retests) then we can see a good rally. It may go to 52k soon and retest at 52k levels for a strong bull run towards 65k . However if it breaks the current level and fails to sustain then we may see a dump to 40k levels. Keep a watch as It looks quite weak right now. It's better not to take a trade in choppy market rather let it be in a trend first, indecision is always bad for trading. Let's hope for the best :)
Comment: SUMMARY:

Sustains 42k-44k (current) levels :- Likely to go to 52k and then 65k levels
Breaks 42-44k towards downside:- DUMP to 40k
Comment: We need a pullback! Performed as per my analysis