Bitcoin Huge Dump Is Coming ! Get Ready

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#BTC Daily Latest Chart, Unless we break out to all time high i will remain cautious. Possibley try to short 😂😂😂.

Chart is bearish !

Now lets talk about Fundamentals, on 18th we have a bitcoin ETF which is bullish news right ! But do you remember? what happened when coinbase got listed on nasdaq, we had a huge sell off, so maybe this could be a buy the rumor sell the news type of scenario also.

Rest there are mixed thought on #bitcoin ETF that it will get postpone or it will not get approved we don't know yet.

So like i said earlier also, we are not bull or bear, we are smart investors. so we wont predict the market top. We get a buy signal we get in, we get a sell signal we get out.

Right now we have a huge sell signal. like I mentioned on the chart.

1- ABC correction
2- RSI overbought
3- Low volume