BitTorrent First-Ever EMA10/50 Bullish Cross | 800%+

BITTREX:BTTBTC   BitTorrent / Bitcoin
BitTorrent ( BTTBTC ) just printed its first EMA10/EMA50 bullish cross, here is a zoomed-in version of the signal:
We can also notice that prices are now challenging EMA100...
The time to buy is not later but now... The time to buy is running out.

Once BitTorrent takes off, there will be a very strong move, there will be many asking for the best place to buy, for how long is it going to retrace, etc...

We buy around support/buy low/red.
We sell when prices are moving up/green.

Keeping it simple, BitTorrent is starting to look good.

The RSI is also looking strong and the MACD entered the side of the bulls.
Just one little push and everything will start to move.

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HOPE SEE YOU ON 0.00000032 SAT
+3 Reply
@darpa, As our first stop. :)
+1 Reply
Fantastic !
+1 Reply
AlanSantana AlextheBlack
@AlextheBlack, Thanks a lot for the support.
Thanks Alan.. I've been waiting for it for 6 months.. Hope, it's gonna fly again..
+1 Reply
@justg, Thanks for sharing, been waiting longer here.
Ohhh boy
Better be this time
+1 Reply
@meveme, :)
Could you update bttusd? Possible cup & handle? Or if btc retraces will btt follow?
AlanSantana Youngrasshopper
@Youngrasshopper, I will take a look.