FY21-22 Swing Trade Idea #149: Long on CCL

This is a public swing trade idea (other private ideas accessible through website) and is only for Learning and observational purpose. Please understand your risk and take full responsibility of your actions. We would comment on any further updates on our entry, targets and stop-loss on this idea, so make sure to follow if you want to get further updates. Our objective to help anyone who wants to learn technical analysis using charts. You can post your queries in comment section here and we will try to answer asap .
Order cancelled: Buy not triggered, cancelled the trade
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bough tata coffee at 208 , bought JAYSREETEA at 121 , bought CCL at 413
onerighttrade umeshbharthi1950
@umeshbharthi1950, my buy in CCL is not triggered, i cancelled this trade anyway now
Redfox44 umeshbharthi1950
@umeshbharthi1950, Why you bought multiple stocks from same sector. When sector fall, all your stocks fall simultaneously. What do you think.
@Redfox44, I do not look at sectors. Am a pure technical trader. Sometimes, I don't even care of know what company does, neither i feel the need to know. from my point of view, I do not want to own any company, I just want to buy if a stock has potential to go up so that i can sell it later making a profit. Rest all is crap as per me.