Pattern Identification ( Now you see what i see )

When price enters in complex correction its become very difficult for analyst to identify the proper turn around using Candlestick charting method

Candlestick charts are good for entry & Exit , and they help you to trail the stop too , but when price is complex there is only one alternative

Go for Noiseless charting , even in noise less charting there are few charting tools which again give a very different view when the scrip is really in deep complexity

for instance , this chart was creating very different view when i viewed it using P & F chart method , Then shifted next to Ranko Fixed range it just turned out to be

like a candy , Yes now you can see what i see , when i saw the repeating of pattern i thought of posting it in Public

One can look for trade on short sell set up in future segment on daily reversal basis , some time these pattern do extend , its better wait for

Complete reversal on daily

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Comment: put the stop to profit , there is chance it can make one more move with in the structure , if moves up ignore buy , can wait for sell set up
Trade closed: target reached: oh my god , we did it , from 770 to 692 , uuuuuuuuhaaaaaaaaaaaaa

all our trading member have made good earnings in this , we closed on sat , we dont know what will happen on Monday as this scrip is very cranky in nature some time it will have Gap up open , so we booked


I was juz working on the same thing couple of hours ago..I also fell for the same thing on 17.01.2019 when price reached 780 level and within 15 min dropped to 770 level...I thought i have seen the same move happening before in the same stock so I cancelled my trade at that moment on that day...Nice analysis !!!!
ShreeKrishna FoxTrot99
@FoxTrot99, thanks sir
Good one. Lets see it patterns play tomorrow. Nice analysis. Thanks
@Gags017, thanks sir