CHEMBOND- Stake increase by DII/Promoters

My favourite Inverted Head and Shoulder Pattern is complete in this stock that I've been tracking for quite long.

DIIs have increased heir holding from 0.37% in March Qtr to 0.67% in June Qtr.
Promoters have been increasing their holding every Qtr since at least Sept 2018
The irony is the public holding has been reducing since June 2019 Qtr.
They have been consistently reducing YOY their liabilities and borrowings since March 2014
Net Cash flow has seen a significant positive jump.


Hi @CautiousChartist - good one... i think it is a good stock and rightly pointed to take position now.. soon it will fly..
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@mihir2021, Hi Mihir.. Thanks... I love this pattern. Time and tested. They always eventually hit their targets and when combined with extra positive info all one needs is Patience and I have a lot of it :)
Looking cracker !
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@roopak29 Fingers crossed
Good analysis buddy will keep this in my watchlist although what'd be the timeframe for the trade Short term or long term? or how many months?

NSE shows no data before 2019 BSE shows it though
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@sandeshprabhu85 It is a weekly chart analysis. Timeframe - 3months to 1year.
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