CHOLAFIN is Making Making Ascending Triangle Pattern (Breakout)

Cholamandalam Investment and Fin Co Ltd ( NSE:CHOLAFIN ) is Making Ascending Triangle Pattern (PATTERN BREAKOUT TRADE). This can become a very good trade for intraday traders.

Target + Stop Loss: There is no target here. You keep the first target as much as the stoploss you put. And the stoploss will be the low/high of the candle that broke this pattern. Or low/high swing backward inside the pattern.

And as soon as you get a profit of 0.50% of your target, you will trail your stoploss and bring it to the entry point. And as soon as your first target is hit, you will release half of your total quantity and continue to trail your stoploss above the last swing low/high.

Target and stoploss are never already fixed in the chart pattern.
Thank you.

You always have to trade only by money management, position sizing, stoploss trailing. This is the way to stay in profit.

Chart Published By Ravinder Sharma