CNX FINANCIAL good short candidate

CNX Financial Spot CMP 14200
Bearish Bat Pattern Formation
PRZ range 13950-14150
SLZ zone 14750
Down side 12500-12000-11500 possible.
Any reversal below PRZ zone that is below 13950 would confirm reversal,, Index can see good retracement below this levels once pattern reversal confirms.
RSI Divergence :- Price making higher high, RSI making lower high,, Bearish divergence, RSI overbought ..
Eliot wave :- 3rd Impulse wave of Impulse phase is on verge to mature,, wave 3 have extended around 2% of wave 1.. as per theory wave 3 can be around 1.618,,2,,2.618 % of wave 1,, If Corrective wave 4 unfolds from this levels we can see retracement of 0.236 to 0.382% of wave 3.. Price wise which can be around 12500 to 12000 levels.