Trader's Queries - Capital requirement for trading

Query : How much capital is needed to trade? This is one of the most frequently asked query from new traders.
I have seen people who have the opinion, “50 Lakh or one crore capital make trading safe & secure”, “only people who have capital more than 50 Lakh only earn money from trading” etc.
Its true that without capital we cannot start any business. Its also true that we don’t need 50 L to one crore to start any business. Trading is a business. Its the only business which has the capacity to give us unlimited profit. To reach that level of gaining “unlimited profit”, a trader has to make him qualified.
So when a trader is preparing himself to become a “pro trader”, he has to start with the amount he can afford to lose. Meaning, a person should not borrow or get loan to trade. The capital should not make a person sad or depressed if he lose his entire capital.
Remember, a trader won’t gamble if he treats trading as a business instead of casino. Understanding this is the key for your success in trading.

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