Principal of study of Market energy ( Part 1)

Most of you have frustration when trade goes against you and when you end up losing or getting out of the market early , and Many have started asking about the structure i refer very often in my postings , and they wanted to know what i mean as a structure , to understand what is structure you have to understand the concept behind my using of words as structure

Here i have small efforts in putting few points

Market and its principal of flow of energy

1) Energy always follows the path of least resistance, a market is like a river as it moves through each trading minute by minute it takes the path of least resistance its behavior is determined by the path of least resistance,

2) The path of least resistance is determined by the always underlying and usually unseen structure , the behavior of a river weather it is calmly flowing downhill or creating rapids depends on the underlying structure of the riverbed , if the riverbed is deep and wide the river will flow calmly down hill , if the riverbed is shallow and narrow , the riverbed will create rapids , the behavior of the river can be accurately predicted by examining the underlying riverbed structure , same thing is true in the stock market

3) The underlying structure of river bed determines the flow of the river towards the least resistance, and the same thing is true in the stock market, weather you are aware of the structure or not it determines your behavior and your re-action to any movement in the stock market

4) As a trader once you learn to determine the underlying structure of the market you can peace with the behavior of the market and simply float like a butterfly along with market movements

in Next post i will update about the information what is structures

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