Why do I think the IT index is going to rally soon?

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Over the last 2 months, we have seen a great rally in the majority of the indices, except one - The IT index. Read this post to find out why I think IT is going to pump soon!

1. The IT index has been strongly underperforming the benchmark as well as all other sectoral indices for the last few months. I have taken the June lows as a reference because the market started rallying from there onwards. Observe how the IT index is lagging far behind all other indices.

2. In the last few days, the IT index has been strongly improving, suggesting a mean reversion towards the benchmark index - Nifty. Notice the angle of the curve. On the other hand, all other indices seem to be more or less flat. If the market is able to consolidate the gains and maintain the bullish to sideways narrative, the IT index can really perform well in the coming weeks.

3. This is also in line with the structure. If you notice, the index seems to be forming the Wyckoff accumulation schematic in which the "Spring" seems to have been established on 15 July. Currently, the price appears to be bouncing off the range low and may head towards the range high.

4. The market structure has started to shift to the upside. As we can notice, after the formation of the low on 15 July, the price rallied higher creating a higher high. This caused a shift in the market structure.

5. If we get a move above the range high at 31k, it will confirm that the short-term structure has turned bullish and we can expect higher prices, possibly a move towards 34k.

6. All the IT stocks have been forming a similar structure. I am attaching a few charts for reference.

🔹 Wipro:

🔸 Infosys:

🔹 Mphasis:

🔸 Coforge:

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Disclaimer: This is NOT investment advice. This post is meant for learning purposes only. Invest your capital at your own risk.

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The index is still holding the "important low".

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