My PredictiveAlgorithms Intraday call(12-Jun-18)-COALINDIA-Short

Based on my "xRSI-FKS Explosion's" predictive trading methodologies, its going to be a RED candle on 12-Jun-2018 for COALINDIA

Sell Below: 287.2 for targets -
T1: 285
T2: 283.8
T3: 282.4
SL: 289.5

Note: These calls are based on my own analysis. It may or may not work well for you.So please carefully consider whether it is suitable for you and please do your own research before attempting any. The profit/loss made by you due to this call, is solely your own responsibility. Thanks, All the best. Happy Trading. :-)
Trade active: Sell price triggered.
Comment: Missed the first target by 10 paise. Made a low of 285.1 so far.
Comment: Done with the first target (285). Made a low of 284.15 so far which is very close to second target. Hold on for second and third targets.

Comment: Done with the second target - 283.8. :-) :-)

Made a low of 283.65 so far.
Trade closed: target reached: Reached upto second target and made a low of 283.05 which is littler closer to the third and final target.
:-) Happy trading.


This idea was created by my own Predictive algos, which is available for public use. Try out one such algo -