Start of New Impulse ( A beginning of New Trend )

Hi Friends , its so exiting to share that ,when you find the end of previous correction and start of new Impulse

Yes , this scrip has made its 3 wave correction since form its inception , Now its ready for New Momentum as Impulse wave

One can look to position in the scrip as long term positional and look to book near 1st target

The current charting is of 2 day candle , One can look to invest around $ 500 ( USD) and you will make 1200+ USD with in 2 years ,

So Keep investing and Enjoy profits

Good luck
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The current price is at the resistance level of 178 which is being tested for the second time. I would prefer taking a short position for profits. But if it breaks then we should wait for it to comeback to the 178 level to retest as a support and the go LONG! please advise.... looking at it on 30min time frame. this is for INTRADAY!
Thanks for the intimation, would you call it a good bet for a quick short trade as well ? even thought the 1st target in at long.
ShreeKrishna tariqueali11
@tariqueali11, Hello sir , Good Morning , at this moment i would say Going short is not a Good idea after such a deep move for months / Years

There is nothing left in it , the accumulation process is already done , what you have is small momentum in it ,

The scrip is regulated instrument of Government investment , that means Currently Government is about to make dis-investment , the Quantity accumulated now is by investors who are going to be declared as successive investors after a agreement of dis-investment with terms of investment , currently Government have declared in LIC as dis-investment ( but the process of accumulation is already done in it when you see LICHOUSING Scrip)

My point is it can not go down further without proper sense , but its very high likely ready for up side move

Lastly there is no Quick trade in stock market if you do not know the current status of the scrip or Instrument you looking to trade or invest

Good day
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tariqueali11 ShreeKrishna
@ShreeKrishna, Thank you so much for the detailed explanation, just here to learn :D a quick scalp is not possible everyday and always wanting to go short isn't quite possible either, but its nice to now know the in and outs of what's happening to the investment also, about the exit and re-entry strategy would you be able to suggest something that I could read upon to understand how to stop loss exit at the low points and get in again ?

Cheers and good day :D