History Repeats... Live Example

I'm very excited to share this analysis with you all. Colgate-Palmolive (India) Ltd chart's just made me speechless.
This is weekly timeframe .

I have heard many time in market that history repeats.
And today I witnessed it as I found this.
Same pattern, same formation of trend line ,
multiple time "U" shape formations.

The pattern, previous time it took around 2 and half yr..
But this it just one year..

Let's see now how it goes further.
Very excited to watch it's moves.

Every single candlestick trys to say you something, you just need to learn to listen it.
Learning is Earning.

This is not a call, its just for educational purpose.
I like to share like this content and will continue to share my analysis and charts.
Comment: By mistake, near volumes I have mentioned "day" volumes.
Its weekly volume