Again with CUMMINSIND, close eye of investors.


Talking about the long term is a reversal point for the close. The eyes of both investors and buyers should be on this stock for deep buying. Over-reaction, which is a little more down moves us a super entry point for the trader. 483 nearby are the best level for short term holding.

There's 2 targets for investor and swing traders.
First is easy which mentioned the chart.
2nd target is the gravitation target.

I will update shortly, small timeframe chart for this stock more clarity of entry and target point.

Do you remember the last trade on this stock?

PROFIT made from this stock:

This was our ENTRY points:

Trade active


@Kinnari_Prajapati , am i missing something , this chart belongs to Cummins , whereas most of the participates are discussing about Marico here ?
May i please request you to kindly share Marico chart (Updated with your remarks) for one more time .....

Bought CE-300 @ 10.15 , and a March future Lot @ 299.25 ....Let's hope for best !!!

Also Exited Justdial , there has been some very sharp movements while last half an hour....

Just to reiterate , You are simply the best !!!
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Kinnari_Prajapati Tradersclub_india
@Tradersclub_india, Ok I will do it shortly.
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Tradersclub_india Kinnari_Prajapati
Hi @Kinnari_Prajapati, I have become fond of your generosity !!!

Everything you can imagine is Real !!! Hold the vision,trust the process !!!

May god bless you abundantly :)
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I can see big green volume candles in marico along with price surge from 296 to 302. Marico has no correlation with nifty so don't be afraid that nifty is falling. Marico is independent of nifty
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No buyers in March future@425
@Rajendra5, stay away from long side.
Should we entry now..please updayte your trade maam when you enter.
Is this now at buying level?