#CUPID.. What will happen?? ..Short term consolidation or ATH

CUPID is a small cap with amazing fundamentals (20% YOY growth, 20% ROIC ).. It is a hidden gem with multi-bagger potential (a small cap doesn't need much capital for 2-3X)

Looking at current situation I would say there is a higher chance that the stock may move down to 200-205 levels.. consolidates for a bit and then moves up..

But there is also a chance for a move upwards (albeit small).. The support (short term trend line ) is holding well even at high selloff volumes.. So buyers may come in and finally push this stock to ATH

Can go up to 300 if upwards break happens..

Can add to my position around 200 if it comes down...
Not suggesting you do the same, but keep an eye...Can be a great buy.. Also Do your own research, it is important..