Don't miss the train with Dropbox

NASDAQ:DBX   Dropbox, Inc
For many Dropbox seems to be a company without a future, but for big capital it turns out to be the opposite. It bottomed out in March last year and has been slowly recovering, going unnoticed, but I don't think this will stay that way for long before it starts to appreciate rapidly:

*Exposure to more than 100 ETFs (quite a lot).

*81.67% institutional ownership.

*Major institutional holders include Vanguard, Renaissance, BlackRock and State Street...

*Almost 50% below its all-time high of June 2018.

*With the potential to rise to 30-50 dollars in the medium term and 80-100 in the long term (30 to 300 percent of profit).

*Positive net profit margins during the previous year.

*Total revenue growing since 2019.

*Good price.

*Potential benefit from cloud services, file storage, remotework and digital economy.

So, if those investors are expecting big profits from this stock, it's plausible to assume that the train hasn't left yet.