Deltacorp - Nov Mid 2020 - Technical analysis - Trend trading

Intraday - swing trade - positional trade possible trade

In higher timeframe(M+W) both are down trend
In correction market is uptrend with HH,HL - price near to monthly and weekly trendline
In Day TF - Price moving inside channel pattern +There is a Key level S/R area in Day TF

in Lower TF 1H and 30Min - drawn minor trendline (Intraday)
If trendline breakout with LH,LL confirm the price moving down
First Target upto Key level S/R area. And if price break Support area + channel breakout, so the market still on downtrend

(Positional Trade) If price break weekly TF - wait for candlestick confirmation or wait for price action confirmation HH,HL then draw Minor Trendline and make an good entry