If you missed our first HUNT, you may want to check this!

New trading suggestion:
*The price is in a range bound and we forecast the uptrend would resume.
*If you missed our first HUNT, you have a second chance to buy above suggested support line (0.037).

Entry signal:
Signal to enter the market occurs when the price comes to "Support line" then forms one of the reversal patterns, whether "Bullish Engulfing", "Hammer" or "Valley", in other words,
NO entry signal when the price comes to the zone BUT after any of reversal patterns is formed in the zone.

Trade Setup:
We opened 8 BUY trade(s) @ 0.02017274(day close price) based on the reversal candle ( Hammer ) at 03.18.2018.
Total Profit: 13481860
Closed trade(s): 5648178 Profit
Open trade(s): 10395255 Profit

Closed Profit:
TP1 @ 0.031 touched at 04.13.2018 with 1082726 Profit.
TP2 @ 0.037 touched at 04.20.2018 with 1682726 Profit.
TP3 @ 0.049 touched at 05.03.2018 with 2882726 Profit.
1082726 + 1682726 + 2882726 = 5648178

Open Profit:
Profit for one trade is 0.04096325(current price) -0.02017274(open price) = 2079051
5 trade(s) still open, therefore total profit for open trade(s) is 2079051 x 5 = 10395255
All SLs moved to Break-even point.

Take Profits:
TP4= @ 0.068
TP5= @ 0.089
TP6= @ 0.109
TP7= @ 0.136
TP8= Free

Technical analysis:
DigiByte/Dollar is in a range bound and Resumption of up trend is expected.
The price is below the 21-Day WEMA which acts as a dynamic resistance.
The RSI is at 51.

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