EOS Price Action Forecast 2019

Hi all!!

Good day! Hope you are all exited with the current market movement. Now it's time for a break to watch the downfall for a period of around 45-60 days. FOMO crowd is here. It can push price even higher. This is the best time to take profits.

In this post, I would like talk about EOS price action for the year 2019. It's a wonderful year for EOS with the gain of 468% and this could extend till 638% based on my arithmetic calculations using the price action. Those who have not entered into EOS , August is coming for you to buy the dip ($4.45), My exit target is $11.30 on November month based on the price action showed in the chart.

EOS is constantly making lower lows and highers highs for the fourth time for the period of 5 months. The correction is due which will take at least two months.

You can find the Buy Zone and Sell Target in the chart. The gain of this trade is closer to 150%.

Breaking the Yellow Resistance Line is extreme bullish and breaking below Green Support Line is extreme bearish .

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