This was just Trailer for ESCORTS.

The right time is important for trade. I would like short this stock again but what are time and level trade. Kindly wait for an update.
On the weekly chart, you will see the tail on the ESCORTS . we might see again 908-932 level for short. PUT is the great idea to trade but you have to wait for it.

Did you enjoy of my analysis?


can u teach me those technicals mam..
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Hcltech or escort request you to kindly provide level or small update even on insta as when u enter so we could do same thanks ..shorted escort at 904 other day covered for 4 rs
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@cskrishna86, you done little to book, isn't it?
Kinnari_Prajapati Kinnari_Prajapati
@Kinnari_Prajapati, you have done little hurry to book profit on your trade, isn't it?
Kinnari_Prajapati Kinnari_Prajapati
@Kinnari_Prajapati, kindly message me in private for it.
I had buy 590pe @ 2.50. Cmp @ 1.75. Can close or wait.

Exp : 27feb2020
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Thenali_Views Thenali_Views
@Kinnari_Prajapati - Thanks I got profit today...
Will wait
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@cineraja, next week, i am expecting again tail on escorts that why i want to wait.
hi,this still go down-side? i have long position @890.