ESCORTS - No Stop loss Low Risk Pick

Pure price action analysis. With the low risk setup that I see here , I don't think I would need a stop loss.

1,2,3 Pattern on display is the beginning of every great move and when it falls within a pattern of a triangle breakout and retest as well as an inverted Head and Shoulder pattern + a reversal at RSI bottom what else do I need.

Holding with Patience. Don't ask for time frame. Ride the setup and enjoy the journey (slow/fast) to its destination.

I believe in keeping the chart simple for easy interpretation. Please support the effort and if you feel it deserving, do appreciate it with a Like.

Kindly express any disagreement & improvements so that we learn & earn together.
Open to discussing different view points.

Always keep a stop loss to rescue you out of troubles if not sure and trail the stop loss as the price rises.

Trade active: Perfect move as expected here


Good price action analysis. Thanks bro...
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Thanks for this. I too was interested in the triangle pattern breakout. Today the stock has shown good momentum. Good luck!