Ethereum "Last barrier" | Aims At $6,000

BITSTAMP:ETHUSD   Ethereum / U.S. Dollar
We've been looking at Bitcoin lately and neglecting Ethereum and other Altcoins... What a surprise to see the ETHUSD chart.

Join me for some cryptocurrency chart related entertainment.

Ethereum ( ETHUSD ) Daily TF Chart Analysis by Alan Santana

ETHUSD is now facing resistance while slowly but steadily moving higher...

We can see a strong resistance level between $2700 - $3000, which I am calling the "last barrier".

If this level can be taken out, which seems very likely to happen, we can see Ethereum hit $3800 to move and challenge next its All Time High.

Depending on how the ATH is handled we can aim at $5000+ to hit $6,000... This is all strongly possible in a flash.

The chart we are looking now fully support the scenario I describe above.

We have low volume yet prices are cripping up.
We are in the summer yet crypto remains strong.
We have a very strong RSI and MACD .

If the whales/bots/market makers push the bottoms, we will see massive/sudden bullish action form.

As the last barrier is taken out, we can see ETHUSD hit $6,000+.

This is how Crypto works...
One day it is completely as sleep.

The next day it is worth more than Gold .

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