MashumeHullTV and QQEMoMoTV Strategy on ETH Daily Chart

MashumeHullTV and QQEMoMoTV Strategy Example on ETH Daily Chart

Shows an example of how the MashumeHullTV and QQEMoMoTV can be used together for trend analysis of possible entries and exits on the ETH Daily chart .
MashumeHullTV as well as QQEMoMoTV with Fast and Slow settings give Buy signal on the ETH Daily chart around 2418.67 on April 26, and does not give a Sell signal until around 3950.73 on May 12.
However, we can see the Sell signal is not given at the same time on all indicators, which is why it is best to use the indicators together to confirm the trend direction.

2900 is a key Support/Resistance level for ETH, and we see QQE Fast is around 50, which is the zone to watch for Tests of Support/Resistance Levels. Previously we see that MashumeHullTV and QQEMoMoTV Fast had Buy signals to
"Buy the Dip" on ETH, but the QQEMoMoTV Slow shows a flat line around 50 indicating a flat trend. As long as we are in this area we should see ETH trading sideways in range, until ETH gets above the key 2900 level. But once we are through 2900 on ETH looks like clear skies to be long again after having bought that dip previously.