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As I have been accustomed to in recent months and this time my technical analysis had an accuracy rate of over 95% and I will try to continue to keep this percentage as long as possible

As I said last weeks...EJ closed for 1 month and 1 week below 132,500 and even if maybe it will go up 100-120 pips, I expect that in the next period it will reach the level of 618 Fibonacci 129,034 and then go down to the final target proposed for a few weeks ... 125,300

THIS WEEK...EJ went down faster than I expected and closed below the Fibonacci 618 level for 1 week which means that ... even if it goes up 50-80 pips because the pressure is very high, I will look for SELL up to 126,500 or even 125,300 ... my final target for the last few months

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