Short sell in Futures

One can wait for reversal on daily , this scrip has to make one more move down before any up side impulse

and look to book near the forecast
Trade active
Comment: very slowly they turned the face and today they made sharp move
if you are not in the trade wait for pull back move , usually after this kind of sharp move they pull back and enter on your own method of entry
Comment: What happened uncle , did you sell short ?? ha ha , Now we have booked 1 lot of short selling and holding another 1 lot with pre-defined stop as trailing stop
Lets see what happens on Monday
Trade closed manually: OK the price moved up , we covered our shorts Yesterday ,

Not this i am going to update as closed because i will re-post it

looks like its going up for one more move before it makes its final dip
Trade closed: target reached: We are booking all 5 lots of shorts sell in this scrip
form 97 to 65 , we booked 32 points per lot
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