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Date : 1-Dec-2020.
Stock : GAIL
Harmonic Bearish Pattern

Current Market Price : 108
Expected Reversal Zone : 139 to 142

Details : We are expecting the Gail stock to have Reversal at the levels between 139 to 142 as per the Harmonic Bearish Pattern .
Please do mark these levels as alerts in your System & we are going to see the Magic of Harmonics.
We will update the downside expectation levels once the Levels are getting Matured with Updated Chart as well.

Twister: Based on the historic move in past, one can plan to invest in this stock at CMP with a SL @ 80 Rs /-. Investment should be less or very limited quantity since the Green marked zone can act as a strong resistance. Once it cross the Green Zone completely, one can add more qty above 120 with a SL @ 107.
All profits can be booked once the stock hits the 140 zone.

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