Next Move ( Developing New Trend )

This script is in the Beginning of Bull Market , as all you know the Market moves in series of psychological price stages ,

development never takes in straight line , it has all weather movements in it ,

If you are in the script then hold it as Positional in cash for a time frame of 6 Months , if you are not in it then all your buy should be based on long term prospective

one can take advantage of correction in case want to add in the Portfolio

Finally i suggest you to take look or Glance of Fundamental look for results or News and if price is in full Premium book partial at that given day or incident

Good luck
Comment: Really wonderful , I am not in this Trade but its one the best Move i have seen in recent days ,
Trade closed: target reached: Today we closed this Trade and we will wait for some Price & time based Correction to Complete before entering back as Investment
Now those who followed this should have enjoyed the earnings , we made Tons of Money from 197 to 490 , Making 100 % Gain on Capital deployed ,
Making Money is easy my friends , the issue is keeping it ,

Yeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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