HBAR/USDT - ready for the next rally

BINANCE:HBARUSDT   Hedera Hashgraph / TetherUS
#HBAR/USDT , as we can clearly see that HBAR is moving in an upward trend and has consolidated and is forming the flag pattern which is a continuation pattern, this clearly indicates that the price will take further pump and move upwards , the current RSI is 51 which shows that security is neither overpriced nor under priced ,therefore it is to a positive indication.
When a flag pattern is formed volume generally declines and then the price takes a BOOM and volume also increases drastically resulting in an upward movement in the price direction, this can seen be seen in the HBAR volume too, volume of HBAR is also declining (marked by the arrow) which also confirms that the price will move in upward direction in the coming days.....

the area of entry is marked by the purple rectangle in chart, that price range would be an ideal situation for the entry,
HBAR has its support around $0.25 if this support is broken that could be a potential reversal, therefore Stop Loss(SL) Should be just below the support around $0.241

Entry- $0.306 - $0.297
Stop Loss - $0.241

sell targets - (i) short term - $0.43- $0.51- $0.62
(ii) long term - $0.885 - $1.148 - $1.31

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