#HBLPOWER... another 10% bullish candle in less than a week..

Check the chart and related idea for more details on this trade.

My first target is already hit... i had said 20% upside it is already up 22% and expected to do better.

I do not think now is a good time to enter this stock as risk would be too high compared to the expected reward...

Revised targets are marked on the chart

Revised SL=48.25

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Comment: trading near upper circuit...almost 14% up today..


@Munchkunster how is it looking now? will it bounce back from 48.3 level?
Munchkunster shubhabrata93
@shubhabrata93, The overall structure is still bullish.. as you can see price is making higher highs and higher lows ..
When the price dropped it got a huge supply from the 200DMA ..this is a bullish sign too

In short term it may consolidate and not move with high momentum..but indications are there that it will hit the targets in coming months...