Short-term : HDFCBANK Breakout.

HDFCBANK is making lifetime highs and is expected to go up further.

Everything marked on chart.

There's no chart above this, so target; you could set according to risk:reward.

Here, CMP = 1309
SL - 1277-1293 = (16-32 points)
Target - at least, 50 points for positional / 32 points for intraday.
Comment: CMP - 1309 .

I'm not entering now , I'll wait for better levels where risk is lesser.
Comment: Double bottom happening. If someone is interested, plan a trade. Im not taking any positions as of now.
Comment: Double bottom in place, bounced but the market isn't trending.
Comment: Woah !! Big big breakout !

Up over a lot .

Though made me wait a lot ! And I didn't have any position!!

Congrats to guys those who took the trade :)
Comment: Further upside on the cards, don't exit completely.
Trade closed manually: Back in ban list by SEBI. Exit. Or better if you followed a trailing stop loss.
Comment: Sorry, RBI


Longer term investors benefitted today. I really wish anyone anyone of you bought it !!
@dravya, i bought it but later on exited, taking too much time
dravya dhirajfanish
@dhirajfanish, ohh. Thik hai abhi, kya kare !!
@dravya, Nice had 1340CE and exited today morning. That was a lot of money
dravya Eatsleeprepeat
@Eatsleeprepeat, that's awesome to hear bro $$$
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Can be even holder for longer term, if you get a better price even good, with 1248 as stoploss for that. thanks.