Learning Wyckoff Methods-Tracking The beast HDFCBAnk

Disclaimer..Invested, no trading for last 3 years in this scrip..
Not an investing/trading recommendation

The next events will be updated below as it goes, presently phase C is going on, there should be a transition to phase d with the correction expected and LPS formation..

Info about wyckoff's schematics can be found out in this famous description by Jim Forte-"Anatomy of a Trading range "


HDFC and HDFCBAnk had similar A/B phases but it C-phase changed in HDFC Bank, as u pointed out.Sine HDFCBANK is FII's fav , i guess it is more prone to market manipulation than others.
Also i think more FII interest in the stock, more vulnerable it is for the manipulation.SO finding the Stocks with most FII % and then wycoff-ing it :D wud help more than finding wycoff in any random stock??!!? I dont know if it makes sense ha !
capsule91 Einstein15
@Einstein15, haha... yiah.. u can do it... but it wors in any stocks u kno... rather, those stocks which the cnbc people are not saying those are perfect candidates for doing wyckoff on.. coz they finishing acc n then start the tv showing n jack pot picking shows to do the mark up phase...:P or worse yet, they start doing it in distribution phase... like i noted they literally arsed investors in himadri man...!!
capsule91 Einstein15
@Einstein15, what i do , is... its almost impossible to research every scrip story right, so its a easier n less time consuming thing, if u look at charts n find out operator are acc or not... if so, then i start looking for whats cooking in the fundamentals... that way it is a double whammy
Very detailed study. Impressive!
Thanks for sharing your knowledge :)
@k314, thank you sir..! hows that south indian bank trade going ? i was too worried about that trade!