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I have been posting to warn the retail investors foreseeing the risks in the markets. Here is another major bank.

With my technical analysis , the HDFC Bank uptrend breaks as you can clearly see it in my chart. This will ignite major sell off. The price targets are at scariest levels.

Current Price: INR 1022
Price Fall Target: INR 77 - 94

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Legal disclaimer:
I am not a financial adviser. The advice here given is not a financial advice even though my excitement might make it look like such. When I say: "Buy/Sell now!" or "Do's and Don'ts" or something like that — it is my personal opinion. I do what I believe is right and at the end of the day I am just a person, not an expert. You trade at your own risk and nobody can guarantee you results. I post because I care.


@avsrikanth, Fundamentals are good for the strength of the market in the long-term. Here is a simple fundamental I will tell you.

During 2000, the avg price of HDFC Bank is just INR 20. After 20 years, it peaked at INR 1300, which is 65 times higher.

The markets tend to come to its mean value every time when it spikes drastically.

Suppose when a market just loses its one fifth of its value, then after 4 years , the price will be INR 100 i.e .

Still the market will be in a good condition to trend even higher in the long-term.
praveensam001 praveensam001
Market Correction of one fifth of its value: After 4 years (20 years / 5) , the price will be INR 100 ( 65 times / 5 = 13 times ) i.e . 1300 / 13 = 100
@praveensam001 , Your charts are intresting but naturally frightening. .

Your calls on YES bank have been bang on. Hence i am asking you to re-look at HDFC banka and others in light of their fundamentals and share your views.

But the target prices you have mentioned mean ....literally the end of the world scenario. a 90% crash in HDFC Bank ? Counter intuitively it looks to mean that complete chaos and depression.

Are you predicitng that ..?