HDFC Bank - Elliott wave analysis # Complete cycle

Recently I have started to analysis some stocks. Most of the stocks are in final leg rally and also Nifty n BankNifty indexes too. After then there may be some corrections (approx. 50% correction).

It is an impulse from 2009 and wave 5 is in progress from Mar'20. Now it is about to start its final up-trend.

First target : 1650
Second target : 1830
Third target : 1960
Final target : 2090

Invalidate level : 1405

Day TF
1hr TF


If we check last Friday tried to hold 1440 above multiple times n closed above, I am expecting strong bounce back Monday.. Do u have time frame for ur targets?
dhinesh_kumar gopinathk
@gopinathk, High probability to hit first two targets in Aug'21. Nifty and BankNifty are too about to move higher.
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