Investors's Gun trigger point found on HEROMOTO.

Just wait for Trigger level.


Where to buy option call mam
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@Kinnari_Prajapati It's an excellent effort from your side to try to represent it with the help of typography, However I believe , Investor's trigger point may vary depending on below 2 scenarios :

1. In case bottom for current cycle has already been made at 1961 (as on 2nd March 20) , the stock has potential to bounce back 250-400 Points before falling again to touch (or may cross below ) -Investor's trigger point- i.e 1877.....and in this scenario we may need to wait for a comparatively longer time, also trigger point would surely be lower than 1877.

2. In case , it follows and fell on grounds of ongoing panic of Corona Virus , then too technically it should reverse from range of 1869-1887 ,However due to ongoing panic , it may drop more ......It actually follows triangle pattern and we may see 1450 level (My final target) some day (may or may not be in current cycle) ....

May i please request you to analyse it on time cycle , may be we get some more accuracy !!!
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@Tradersclub_india, Also please reverse the point of Bullet , as well of Gun - It's Falling the other way !!!
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@Tradersclub_india, lol. I will read your compresive comment later, because i am going to vegitables .
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@Kinnari_Prajapati, :) भूखे पेट भजन न होय गोपाला , you please get the vegetables first !!!
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@Tradersclub_india, @Kinnari_Prajapati , it Kissed 1475 (My Final Target was 1450) day b4 yday
(1) You allow some of the price points to be outside the channel and mark those with another trend line. For my understanding, why dont you make these part of the channel?

(2) Is there not a possibility that price will not reverse from bottom of the channel and continue the downward trend. What gives you the belief that it will reverse from that point?

By the way, very creative this post is : "GUN FIRE" :-D
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now Heromotoco is ready for short with Sl 1880 for target 1550
Buy trigger or Sell ?
@ShahulABCT, sell is not going triggered but wait for buy.