Hindalco - Chart Reading - Logic and Plan

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✣Yellow Trendline: OKOK resistance
✣Pink Trendline: Good Resistance
✣Red trendline: STRONG SUPPORT
✣Green trendline: Good support

- Either Buy at such levels with a SL of 4% (low-risk high reward setup )
- Or wait to drop a bit more if it does than a good buy at red trendline :)
- Meanwhile, if you missed it and it went up then a good long only after all trendlines are broken.

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➼My name is Apoorv and I am a 2nd year Engineering student, I want to pursue trading as my career, and thus whatsoever setups or trades I potentially see on my charting platform, I post it here and share them with you all.
➼I hope you will love my simple analysis style.
➼Feel free to suggest your view on this as learning is earning here :)
➼I take my trades on my Zerodha account :)
➼These charts are my and only my work, my thought process, just from an educational point of view and no calls.

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