Hindustan Composites:590 Resistance:760 STOP:575

Hindustan Composites Ltd: 590 is an up trending small cap stock with low equity base,
currently trading at the bottom trend line support level ,good for investment at current level.

All the above is said true, but the numbers are always below expectations,
and that make the ROE poor, is the reason the stock is not performing well like sumi or exide.
Exide will fly towards 250 now.I prefer to catch bottoms but.
so dont keep higher expectation, but if you are lucky it can show 1000 in an year.
Comment: 690 was the high
Comment: 490 is a strong support.
Also RSI supporting now,


Hi Sir,

Any comments on GMR infra. Seems like long term resistance of 18.5 to 19 will be a support now. It came back to test 18.5 level. If that holds, can it be good for short to medium term?
Your valuable opinion please.

padiyara sausawan
@sausawan, technically Bullish, in the sense it's daily MACD is above zero line.
Now the correction is on going, the indicators are negative,
?1) hence18-19 support may not be able to hold, and may support around 15.5 level.
?2) it is not good for any investment now.
26 and 34 are the major supply zone, and It will face strong resistance at that region.
The current top is turned around before that level 24 level means,weak sentiments.

The stock is fundamentally very week with poor gain. however,once the quarters shows good numbers,
the stock will break all its barriers and will jump towards 34 and above.