ICICI Buy 310PE below 322

64 0
CMP 328

recent high 346
next target 309 (sqroot(345) -1)^2
346 minus 0.618 of diff between 346 and 309 = 323 (will be treated as support)
another support line is 324 from the graph (i.e. tangent to 20 SMA )

So, conclusion 324 and 323 will act as good point of support for few days, once broken it should technically land at 309.
But looking to the graph 312 is another support line. We may like to revise target as 312.

Further , looking to previous gapup/huge movement in past, I expect that movement will be fast hence option trade would be better.

gap-down will not be considered as valid signal for activation of trade.

Expected date for activation of trade : 10.9.2018 (monday)
Order cancelled: Did not triggered new support 328
Comment: Activate trade if below 328 for 1st target of 322.
Comment: In any case a CALL is a suicide !!!
Comment: reversal expected soon, stop loss if Market price above 312