Trendshikari PTS V1.0 - ICICI BANK - Buy

Buy @ Open tomorrow at market price.

Signals are generated using a proprietary indicator developed by me using Tradingview Pine Script. This system works on Daily bars and so entries or exits are at the next day open after getting signal. Key performance metrics generated from TV Backtester is published below (2007 to 2016).

Enter with 1/10 th of your trading capital and be ready to load another two positions with 1/10 the equity size when I give signals. Also exit all, when I signal so in this tip page. Please post your thoughts, concerns on the system if you have any.
Trade active: Buy Price @ 255.4
Comment: As I have noted earlier this is a pyramiding strategy. Its time to add one more position equal to 1/10 th of your trading capital. You may do so tomorrow at market open at market price.
Comment: Second position entered today at price Rs.253. So now average price of the position becomes 254.2
Trade closed manually: Close the position now @ market price -
Comment: Rs.1.55 loss per share on this call
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Hi Sir, I am not able to understand how to get the input the actual margin amount into strategy. Could you post a snippet of only the manner in which you type the strategy code. Not the straegy. Just how you use the functions.
syam-mohan-vs hemanth92
@hemanth92, am not using any margin amount in the code. I just size the position to a constant rupee value for all trades to better analyze the results over all trades. Also am not sure how I can enter a margin amount in the back tester strategy function.
hemanth92 syam-mohan-vs
@syam-mohan-vs, I dont understand the part on sizing positions to a constant rupee sir. Buy+2363 means you are having 2363 positions open right ?
syam-mohan-vs hemanth92
@hemanth92, yes +2363 means 2363 shares have been bought. I have sized positions to 1 lot of Nifty @ 8500 spot. So my formula for quantity is Qty = (8500 / close)*75.
Sir lets see this weeks close but my study support ur view
syam-mohan-vs Avoudhut2411
@Avoudhut2411, Thanks for reaching out. Yes lets hope we make some money on this buy call.