IDEA Long for Short term Holding

shiv2798 Updated   
Those who can understand this Chart are the Winners of this trade
Who fails to understand still need more insight , Merger of IDEA is on the way ,the feature projection of price will be higher high,
I am looking to enter in three steps , Buy on dip at 79.70 (15 %) , 78.10(31%) , 73.75 Add More with
Stop of 71.70, with Every 15 tick , add more of 9.35 %
Cheers wish you all New financial year ahead with IDEA

Comment: Price is heading to my projected price range , Wait for your valuable investments
Comment: Hum , Again News , if price fails to hold current level then any downfall will be large and very intense , because again based on news the price shoot up , whenever the price shoots up with news it indicates that investor will sell off their stock with every high in price and will trap small time traders
Lets see what happens now , it should be interesting
Comment: Watch out Idea , Brace ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Comment: Kaboom , Made Money from Selling the News Event , Sold 10 Lots of idea at 88.75 Booked profit at 86.75
This is the reason why experts advise don't enter the news trade as its a big trap for small traders
Comment: Today rally was again the witness of News influence , but on lower volume
Hope Monday will be the decision day on Direction of IDEA Stock
Comment: In 8 Hour Candle the higher price rejection is clearly appearing , so any one who is willing to take position have to follow long term time frame , Not the day candle as in Day candle the many position will be recovered and for interim rally , Where as in 8 Hour or 12 Hour candlestick you can see the Movement of Price along with the Volume , which will give clear understanding in the stock movement along with price ,
I hope this will be my last update those who do technical analysis with 1 Hour or Less have less chance of winning the Profitable trade , Those who work with 4 Hour of Candlestick can have moderate winning ration for stock holding of 5 days or 1 week with Average gain of 5 % on investment for 1 Week
Good Luck everyone and Good luck trading
Cheers for all
Comment: The institutional investors are testing the retail investor patience , the one who understand the meaning of waiting for right opportunity will be the winner
The stock is moving no ware so many week sellers will sell off and lose their capital
if stock is being purchased by institutional then my understanding says hold your stocks do not sell it
Trade active: HA HA , Those who believed in stock are winners , those who lost the patience are the looser
Off course my Projected price of turn around was 79.70 but price did Make U turn at 81
One have to believe to get the results , and believing is not based on prayers or on tips , its own inner voice , every one have it , but some people lose the hearing of inner voice and they put them self in loss , weather its finance or life its always with them who do not listen the inner self
The stock have made a new hope , there will be still some disco dance , one have to book the profit on every dance and keep holding until it makes Near 200
All the best to everyone

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